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About Me

I am Look Development, Fur Groom, & Surfacing Artist in Film & Animation. Prior to my long stint with Dreamworks Animation, I worked both on the CG side of film, TV, Video Games, FX, as well as practical set painting, scenic painting, miniatures, model and prop construction, for films, music videos, commercials, and theatres and murals and permanent scenery installations for casinos, theme parks, aquariums, and private homes.   In 2016 I had the opportunity to work for the legendary Disney Supervising Animator Ken Duncan at Duncan Studios.  Followed by Pixar Animation as a Character Shading & Groom TD  on the #1 box office record breaker Incredibles 2, the 2020 Academy Award winner for Animation Toy Story 4, & the 2024 release of Inside Out 2.  I am looking to challenge myself by pushing beyond my professional experience.   I am open to opportunities that utilize my education, trained skills and broaden my existing skill set.

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