Summer 2019 
Toy Story 4

Incredibles 2

I worked entirely in Grooming & Sim Setup of the hair.  Dash highlights the latest of Pixar's Pele Hair Tool.   He was initially groomed in the legacy software HairMan and as the newly developed Pele came online I promoted him to the next generation.  I work extensively with the Background Character grooms and numerous Secondaries which included setting up their Baseline Sim parameters.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

My primary focus was look development for Astrid & Stoick.  We had a new lighting tool on its first feature,  which required our materials & shaders to be updated, so our setup was critical.  With our new hair material I worked closely with our CG Supervisor to flesh out our setup for our production pipeline.


Madagascar 3

The Madagascar 3 Production Crew was hubbed at PDI in Redwood Shores so I was remotely Surfacing from Glendale.  My primary responsibililty was the Hospital environment sequence and working closely with our CG Supervisor and lighting crew.


Puss in Boots


I was only crewed for one sequence.  I was responsible for the entire Jack & Jill's Hotel Room environment and set dressing assets and a few various assets found within the film.


Monsters vs. Aliens

I look developed Insectosaurus through his metamorphosis.

Monsters Vs. Aliens:
Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space


This was a TV Halloween Special.   My primary responsibility was the generic children's skin, hair, & facepaint, Mr & Mrs Murphy's Halloween costumes (hair & facepaint), and Insectosaurus's costume additions.  I  also did the majority of the Murphy House exterior decorations and various other elements.


Kung Fu Panda


Flushed Away


I look developed Le Frog and all his froggie friends as well as the frost & snow throughout the film.  The bathroom environment & set dressing, the bedroom environment and much of the set dressing including the doll house & dolls, the pipe descent to the sewers, and I shared the Sewer City with our surfacing crew.

Over The Hedge



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