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Robbin Huntingdale


Versatile Look Development Artist: Fur/Hair Groom, Simulation Setup for Hair, Paint & Procedural Texture Mapping, Surfacing & Shaders for Character Assets, Crowd Character Shading System Setups, Props, and Environments for Theatrical Feature Film, Animation, Console & PC Games, and Interactive Spaces.  Tested R&D new department tools for Shading, Hair & Fur Grooming, & Simulation Tools, Trained/Mentored Surfacing Artists, Wrote User Department Guides & Documentation & fleshed out new department workflow.  Created Surfacing Department wiki and maintained through Confluence upgrades.  Self-sufficient artist with strength working unsupervised on complicated asset and with projects lacking technical show support.   



Mari, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Redshift, V-Ray, Arnold, Katana, Illustrator, After Effects, Avid, Pixar Proprietary Production Tools (Presto, Pele Hair, Taz Simulation, Flow Shading), DreamWorks Proprietary Production Tools (Torch, Light, ADBPaint, Nile), Jira, RV/Shotgun, UV Layout, id Tech 3, Matador,  Linux, Unix, Windows, macOS, shader networks, node & stack base workflow, JavaScript, wiki, user documentation, artist mentor.


Walt Disney Animation Studios  .  2019

Look Development Environment Artist, Legacy Project theme park ride and undisclosed feature project.

CoSA VFX . 2018-2019

Look Development, TV & Subscription based content.  Hard Surface, Characters, Set Extension elements. contributing on: Gotham, Runaways, Lucifer, & undisclosed titles

Pixar Animation Studios  .  2016 - 2018

Character Shading Technical Director, Hair Grooming, Simulation Setup with colliders & deformers on Primary, Secondary, and Background Characters in Pixar’s Proprietary Grooming and Shading Tools for Incredibles 2 & Toy Story 4.

Duncan Studio . 2016

Look Development of Primary Characters & Character Props for Queue Animation, Universal Studios Japan, HD 3D Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Simulation Attraction to match look of film. 

Dreamworks Animation . 2003 - 2015

Surfacer, Look Development, Texture Artist, Shade, Fur/Hair Groom from Over the Hedge to How To Train Your Dragon 2; Films, Holiday TV Specials, DVD Shorts & Extras, Consumer Products, Trailers and Nintendo 3DS video format.  Responsible for creation of Primary, Secondary, Background Characters, Environments, Ground planes, Set extension, and resurrected past show assets to current show pipeline.  Documentation Award recipient.


Dreamworks Animation . 2009 - 2010

Production tested R&D's upgrade of shading component of internal software by assisting with user-based testing, which included reporting bugs with full documentation for replication, and documenting new workflow standards. Worked closely with the development team to be sure software solutions were cognizant of the feature animation pipeline departments' needs.


Electronic Arts . 2003

In-Game Environmental Texture Artist for JamesBond 007: Everything or Nothing, released on Game Cube, Xbox, & Playstation 2.  Contributions primarily focused on the Mine Shaft level, New Orleans Mansion and Basement levels & the Falling Cliff level, with additional support throughout the game.


LucasArts .  2002 – 2003 

In-game & Cut Scene Texture Artist of Characters, Environments, Props on RTX: Red Rock


ILM - Industrial Light & Magic  . 2000 – 2002 

Viewpainter, Texture Artist on Digital Doubles, Characters, props, practical set element matching & entire sets for Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones & A.I. Artificial Intelligence.



Art Center College of Design . BFA Illustration

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